Tips on How to Preserve Bed Linens

There are beddings and bed linens that it is said to be high quality but not all of them really are. Some Low quality beddings have the tendency that the colors easily fade when used for couple of years. However, whether you bought expensive or cheap bed linens, colors fade and it is subject to look old later on. Yet, there is a way on how to preserve bed linens.

how to preserve bed linens

Useful Tips to Preserve Bed Linens

If the bedding is not being used often, they require less care. However if the linens are washed weekly, it is important to take certain steps on how to preserve bed linens so that the dye does not completely fade. Do the steps to prevent worn out.

Here are the following steps:

  • In order to lock in the color of brightly colored sheets, soak them in one cup of vinegar with a few teaspoons of salt. Let them soak in this solution for one hour. After the linens have soaked, only ever wash the bedding with similar colors in cold water.
  • Always set washer to wash bed linens and union jack bedding on a gentle cycle and use detergents that are gentle and free of perfumes and dyes. To keep colors looking bright, occasionally add one cup of vinegar to the wash cycle with a few teaspoons of salt. This process will help reduce the alkalinity of the water thus protecting the linens from fading.
  • Let them dry on a clothesline. Forced heat drying is very hard on linens and wears them out faster, so alternating with air drying will make them last much longer. When using a clothesline to dry, make sure to keep colored sheets out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

union jack bedding

  • To make sure that bed linens last long and look new, the most neglected yet important step to store them properly when they are not being used. First, wash the linens and iron them. Then, neatly fold all bedding into square style folds and stack them with largest linen on the bottom with the smaller linens on top of those. Then, it is imperative to find a cool and dry place to store linens. If there is any moisture, the linens can mildew and eventually be ruined. Next, always avoid storing linens in drawers, boxes or shelves that are made or lined with an unfinished wood. The resins in natural wood could stand the bed linens over time.

By following these simple and easy steps on how to preserve bed linens, it will make the initial investment of bedding one that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Positively, you cannot buy additional beddings and linens anymore soon. Any type of bedding and linens will always preserve the color and quality and you do not need to buy a new one.