Nursery Bedding

Setting up a baby’s nursery can be an overwhelming event. With an enormous array of items available it can be difficult to determine what you really must have to provide your baby a comfortable environment without going overboard. Nursery bedding is an essential item with many factors requiring consideration before making a decision.

nursery bedding sets

It is important to know what a nursery bedding set consists of so that you do not accidentally duplicate items. The majority of sets contain a fitted sheet, crib skirt, bumper, and quilt. There are also baby nursery bedding sets that include two to three wall hangings, hanging diaper stacker, window valences, and occasionally a throw pillow or laundry bag. While these extra items help to form a decorative and cohesive room they are not necessary. Once you know what type of nursery bedding sets you are looking for there are several further things to consider before making a decision.

  • Always consider safety first and foremost. Be aware of any current recalls. It is vital that the bedding fit properly. Ensure that if you are going to use a bumper pad that it fastens correctly and stays in place. There is the chance that they could fall on the baby resulting in smothering if they are placed on properly. Also make sure that the bedding is flame resistant if at all possible.
  • Consider the theme and/ or colors of the room. If you are unsure of your baby’s sex it is best to go with a gender neutral set. Colors such as purple, green, black, and white are options that are available. After the baby is born you can accent the room with more gender specific colors if you would like. While most nursery bedding is geared toward a specific gender such as pirates, cars, machines for a baby boy nursery bedding, there are selections that are appropriate for either such as a zoo or jungle theme. For a patriotic touch, union jack bedding is available for the baby proud of their British heritage.
  • Consider that infants may be prone to allergies or sensitivities. Bedding that is manufactured from natural materials and is hypoallergenic is often a wise choice due to a baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Keep in mind that babies spend a lot of time sleeping and as such you want them to be comfortable. Make sure that the fabric is soft and not scratchy.

nursery bedding

  • Make certain there are no unnecessary embellishments on the bed. While they may appeal visually, they are a choking hazard.
  • Take into account that babies are not the neatest and tend to spit up, pee and poop whenever they need to. The bedding should be able to withstand numerous washings. Be sure to keep on hand several fitted sheets and blankets as you will fit that you change them frequently.

 The tips above should make purchasing nursery bedding an easier and more enjoyable experience. Whether you are shopping for your first baby, or your fifth, this should be an exciting time as you countdown to baby.