Fabrics Used for Beddings in Relation to Sleep

Uncomfortable bedding or one’s made from the wrong fabric can result in a person not wanting to spend time in the bed. This can result in the amount of sleep the person actually gets. But just how much sleep do we really need? The opinion of experts varies. Some say 10 hours is required, others say as little as six is enough. Generally between seven and eight is thought to be sufficient for the average person. But if you are stressed or ill, extra sleep hours is a must.

fabrics used for beddings

The Bedding and Benefits of Good Sleep

Choosing the right fabrics used for beddings is important for a good night’s sleep.

  • A decent night’s sleep is as crucial to a healthy lifestyle as good nutrition. Despite this very few people realize the importance of sleep.
  • One of the most common is insomnia which is when someone cannot get to sleep and just lies awake throughout the night. Around two in every 10 people suffer from this.

Not having sufficient sleep is not only frustrating, it is also dangerous,

  • leading to a lack of concentration,
  • relationship difficulties
  • and ill health.
  • Sleep deprivation also suppresses the immune system making you more vulnerable to infections.
  • It also accelerates the ageing process. The right bedding can be of immense help if you are suffering from sleep disorders.

union jack bedding

Tips in Picking the Right Bedding

Fabrics used for beddings can play an important role in bedding selection.

  • You must choose fabrics that are skin friendly. Do not buy any bedding made from fabrics that can cause allergies. A fabric that may be right for your neighbor may not be right for you. So don’t just buy bedding from a particular fabric just because your neighbor has one.
  • If you are buying colorful bedding such as union jack bedding, pay special attention to the paint used.
  • Choose a color scheme. When you buy beddings, pick a pattern that says something about you. Are you the safari type or all roses and lilacs? Choose a color scheme based on what you like. Beddings come in a range of color schemes. So if you are buying new bedding, besides the fabrics used for beddings, you need to decide on the color scheme.

Achieving a Good Night Sleep Routine

  • Try to relax before going to bed. Do not watch TV at least one hour before hitting the bed. This is because visual stimulation can alert the brain making it difficult to snooze.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night as this will help to program your body to sleep better.
  • Avoid alcohol and food late at night can help as can taking regular exercise such as swimming or walking. This will not only tire you physically, it will also help to relieve stress.

While all this will help to some extent, the fabrics used for beddings can play a vital role.