European Themed Room with Union Jack Bedding

Do you have a huge love for Europe? Do you want to make your room London themed or United Kingdom themed? Aside from all the red telephone booths, a miniature statue of Big Ben, and bright red toy two-decker London buses, what could be the perfect addition to your collection? A Union jack bedding, that’s what you should get. Recently the international fashion industry has definitely been showing their love for the UK. You can see the British flag in almost anything, from bags, shoes, wallets, phone cases, and more.

Union Jack Reversible Bedding Set

Union jack bedding is just another one of those iconic must-have items that people are thriving for these days. You wouldn’t even have to add so much décor anymore because having a Union Jack sheet set would already make your room so English. But if you think that there is just one type of Union Jack sheets, then you must check out some revamped sheets of the English flag. Here are a few of the most sought out designs of Union Jack:

  • Pink union jack bedding – pink is a pretty color that females love so much. The usual blue, red, and white colors of the original Union Jack girls bedding are pretty much more masculine that feminine. Ladies, getting the pink version of the iconic Union jack design will not only make your room looking so British, but it will also retain its feminine touch. Some are even floral patterned, butterfly patterned, polka dot patterned. Show your love for your country or for the United Kingdom while keeping it cute and feminine.


Girls Pink Union Jack Single Duvet Cover Bedding

  • Vintage union jack bedding – do you have love for vintage and for the United Kingdom? These sheets are definitely going to give you the best of both worlds. You can find faded sheets that looked like they have been used for ages. Vintage would really look great on wood, so if you got a wooden bed and wooden floors, having vintage Union Jack sheets will never go out of place. Some are even grungy and moldy looking for an even older look. Some are in vignette and some are splattered over with grains to make it look like it just came out of a vintage camera.


Cool Vintage Union Jack Bedding Collection

  • Union Jack bedding king size – a flag-like sheet would really look great on bigger beds. And king sized beds more specifically will make the Union Jack design spread over the whole bed like a real life sized flag. Protect your comforter with king sized Union Jack sheets for cold days and use it as a blanket for hotter nights. The king size sheets will fit perfectly for two people and will have no trouble accommodating a whole family with a small kid.


Buy King Size Union Jack Bedding For Your Bedroom

Union jack bedding is not only being widely used in the United Kingdom, but in other countries as opposed to nursery bedding. It has become a classy and patriotic icon for people all around the world. Express your love for the UK and all its other icons with Union Jack designed sheets and beddings.